Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are light, easy to clean and come in a huge selection of designer colours, finishes and textures. Have the blinds made to measure for each specific window. The blinds come with a tilt control on one side and a raise control on the other side of the head rail. The cord ladder and the head rail is normally colour co coordinated with the colour of the slat in the venetian blind.

The Tilting operation is very easy to operate. The raising operation may require a little more strenght for blinds of a large width and drop.

The headrail for a 25mm or 15mm slat is compact enough to fit to the back of a door and can provide a good solution to cover windows in kitchen or patio doors.

The blind headrail is normally attached to the wall with swivel brackets. These brackets sound more complicated than they are to erect. Once the brackets are attached to the wall or door the headrail simply clips into them. Box brackets are sometimes supplied for large blinds or when the venetian blinds have 50mm slats.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds Dublin
Aluminium Venetian blinds Dublin

Venetains are lightweight and easy to operate
It is easy to adjust and control the amount of light that enters the room.
robust and will last years
easy to clean with a wipe of a cloth. Slats will collect dust over time and a clean room is important for asthma suffers etc.
suitable to rooms where moisture level is high like bathrooms and kitchens.
available in contemporary designs, colours and metalic finishes
suitable for Offices or rooms where there are many windows to shield from the light.
easy to work with,do not stain easily and are easy to errect.
It is possible to shorten the bottom slats of a venetian blind if they are touching bottom tiles or skirting boards for example
Controls for raising and lowering can be positioned on either side of the headrail for easier access.
Aluminium slats are fire resistant.
Suitable for hanging on doors behind a door handle when slat size is 15mm of 25mm.
Suitable for bay windows