The Advantages of Blackout Blinds with changes

Natural light is vital to lend a warm, cheerful atmosphere to your home and it has a positive impact on your mental health too. However, too much light can be bothersome and jarring to the senses. Sometimes, you don’t want the entire room to be flooded with light. The best way to block out the light is to use blackout blinds in Dublin. At AAA Blinds, these are a very popular product because they’re very useful.

Uses of Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds can sometimes be an excellent addition to your home. We always recommend installing them in some, if not all of the rooms in your home. They add a wonderful design element to your home and are very useful as well. Here are some common settings they are used in:

  • Nurseries – Babies tend to sleep for the better part of the day. However, they will have a restful sleep only if the room isn’t too bright. Blackout blinds in Dublin are some of the most vital installations in a nursery. You can dim the light in the room when your child is asleep and ensure that his/her rest is peaceful and undisturbed.
  • Entertainment Rooms – The display of the TV can’t really compete with sunlight. No matter how good your television is, the colours will be dull and muted when you’re forced to watch it in a bright room. Blackout blinds can help improve your overall viewing experience in an entertainment room.
  • Bedrooms – People tend to underestimate the value of blackout blinds in bedrooms. They want to ensure their bedroom looks bright and vibrant. However, if you’re ill and sensitive to light, or if you’ve worked a night shift and need to sleep during the daytime, light can be a major hindrance. That’s when blackout blinds in Dublin come in handy.


  • Home Office / Studies – If you are lucky enough to work from home and use computer screens you will most likely need to block some amount of sunlight this can be achieved very effectively using screen fabric specially designed to prevent glare on screens

Some people choose to install curtains instead of blinds, but we believe that blinds offer more versatility. They don’t occupy as much space as curtains do and you can open them completely or partially, depending on your requirements.

Because blinds are so compact, you can install curtains over them if you prefer. They also come in different designs and are made of materials like wood, hardened plastic, cellular compartments, etc.

Why Us?

From the very beginning, we have been committed to providing high quality products and top notch customer service. We believe it’s our dedication to customer satisfaction that has ensured we survive in this demanding and competitive industry. We strive to make the purchase process easier for you.

You can call our salespersons at any point during the purchase for more information and we provide home consultations too. Our experts will visit your home and show you samples of the product. That would help you decide what’s best for your windows.

If you have any questions at all about blackout blinds in Dublin or our services, please feel free to call us at AAA Blinds. Our number is 3531 456 5412. You can also fill in this contact us form with your comments and questions. We will reply with answers as soon as we can.

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Roof Blinds

  • Velux
  • Farko
  • Rooflite
  • Keylite
  • Dakstra

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are suitable for bedroom Velux windows. The fabric has an aluminium backing to stop block out light and deflect the heat of the sun. The Blackout blind is moved manually and may be set to any position. The Side rails also stop light from entering the room. There is a wide range of fabics available. The same fabric range is available in the remote control blackout range

Award winning 100% total block out blinds commonly used by night shift workers the likes of service personnel, guards, firemen, nurses and taxi drivers. These blinds are the essential compliment to aid a consistent sleep night or day blocking out even the strongest of mid summer sunlight.

Remote Control Solar Blackout Blinds
Blinds and shades are also available as motorised or remote control. These blinds are battery operated and do not required to be installed by an electrician and is fitted in minutes. The battery is recharged by solar power.

Duo Blackout Blinds
A combination of blackout and pleated blinds. A highly versatile choice.

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Roller Blinds
Velux roller blinds control light and offer privacy. Light diffuses through the material. There is a wide range of fabics available.

Venetian Blinds
Velux venetian These blinds are moisture resistant. The blind can be raised and lowered manually and the slats can be tilted to control light enetering the room.The Blackout blind is moved manually and may be set to any position.

Flying Pleated Blinds
All fabrics are 100% translucent. This blind is intended to provide privacy and light control that is less than blackout level. The new flying pleated blinds are very flexible. Position the blind with the center, top or bottom of the window.

Accessories For Hard To Reach windows
A Rod control is used to opena out of reach blinds. One Rod adapters attachment is required for each out of reach velux blind.